New Re-Release REVOSA Winged Skull Chest Tat

Today at [REVOSA], the newly updated re-release of the Winged Skull Chest Tattoo, now comes with a HUD for both Maitreya and Omega mesh bodies. Marketplace webpage In-world store link Advertisements

New re-release [REVOSA] Chainmail Undergarment

Newly re-released at [REVOSA], the 3-color variation of the chainmail undergarment, now no longer Maitreya exclusive! Comes with classic layers and an Omega Applier HUD for both upper and lower body portions. See it on the marketplace Stop by the store

Updated & re-released [REVOSA] Kitty Cotton Panties

Updated and re-released, the new pack of Kitty Cotton Panties now comes with an Omega HUD and five separate system layers for their corresponding new colors, including, green, orange, purple, red and pink. Marketplace webpage In-world store link

New [REVOSA] Cropped Belly Tees

Now available at [REVOSA], cropped belly tees that come in six different shirt layers and an Omega HUD for all corresponding mesh bodies. See it on the marketplace Stop by the store in-world

REVOSA Cutoff Fishnet Tops

Now available at REVOSA, 4 new applier lady’s tops. Black with a fishnet liner, this comes with a blank generic version and 3 others with different lettering plastered across the front. See them on the marketplace Come over to the store