REVOSA Girl Pride Strapped Tanks

Now available at REVOSA is a full set of ‘girl pride’ strapped tank tops. May be purchased as a fatpack, or individually (marketplace only contains the fatpack and you must visit in-world to purchase individual shirts). Fits all bodies including Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Classic, Isis, Freya and so on. Marketplace Fatpack In-world link Advertisements

New Stack of Books [Bloodsucker Reading]

Now available at [REVOSA] is an original mesh stack of books that you can use in your home (or any space) for decoration. Here we have the “bloodsucker reading” variation that includes a stack of three vampire themed pieces of reading material! Marketplace webpage In-world store link

REVOSA Mesh Striped Toeless Thigh-Highs

Now available at REVOSA a new striped variation of the fitmesh thigh-high socks for Slink & Hourglass [High Feet]. See them on the marketplace. Stop by the store.

REVOSA Ain’t No Saint Long Sweater

Now available at REVOSA, the Ain’t No Saint variation of the fitmesh long sweater for Maitreya, Slink and Hourglass! See it on the marketplace Stop by the store

REVOSA Salander Earrings

Now available at REVOSA, 100% original non-rigged mesh dragon tail earrings! See them on the marketplace Stop by in-world

REVOSA [Sharply] Pentagram Nose Piercing

Available now at REVOSA, 100% original unrigged mesh pentagram nose piercing. Includes copy and modify permissions and a color picker HUD for the pentagram itself. See it on the marketplace Visit the store

REVOSA [Desirably] Coffin Rings

Available now at REVOSA, 100% mesh unrigged vampire coffin rings with an included color picker HUD (for the coffin color). See them on the marketplace Stop by the store

REVOSA [Sharply] Unholy Coffin Piercings

Available now at REVOSA, the unholy coffin nipple piercings! 100% original unrigged mesh with an included color change HUD for the center connector. See it on the marketplace Visit the store

REVOSA Mini Top & Skirt [Striped]

Available today, a black and gray striped mini skirt with a tiny top and half-sleeves. Outfit is 100% mesh and compatible with Slink Physique, Hourglass and Maitreya Lara. See it on the marketplace Stop by the store

REVOSA Leather Bracelet & Bangles

Also available today at REVOSA is a pair of bracelets made of leather and titanium (100% original mesh) and is the first in the third brand new REVOSA jewelry set. See them on the marketplace Stop by the store

REVOSA rPhone s16

This 100% original mesh smartphone is available now. Comes with 5 background wallpapers you can change through a dialogue menu, a typing override, wireless earbuds and a charging dock. Shop on the marketplace. Visit the store in-world.

REVOSA Bite Night Arcade Machine

Available at REVOSA, the Bite Night Arcade Machine. 100% original mesh, animated screen and playing animation included. Shop on the marketplace. See it in-world.