New Stack of Books [Bloodsucker Reading]

Now available at [REVOSA] is an original mesh stack of books that you can use in your home (or any space) for decoration. Here we have the “bloodsucker reading” variation that includes a stack of three vampire themed pieces of reading material! Marketplace webpage In-world store link Advertisements

REVOSA Salander Earrings

Now available at REVOSA, 100% original non-rigged mesh dragon tail earrings! See them on the marketplace Stop by in-world

REVOSA [Sharply] Pentagram Nose Piercing

Available now at REVOSA, 100% original unrigged mesh pentagram nose piercing. Includes copy and modify permissions and a color picker HUD for the pentagram itself. See it on the marketplace Visit the store

REVOSA rPhone s16

This 100% original mesh smartphone is available now. Comes with 5 background wallpapers you can change through a dialogue menu, a typing override, wireless earbuds and a charging dock. Shop on the marketplace. Visit the store in-world.

REVOSA Bite Night Arcade Machine

Available at REVOSA, the Bite Night Arcade Machine. 100% original mesh, animated screen and playing animation included. Shop on the marketplace. See it in-world.

REVOSA Pink & Blue Crib Set

Now available and a total first for REVOSA, the Pink & Blue Crib set. These cribs are 100% original mesh, 7 prims, copy/mod and contain one animation for holding your baby. Shop on the marketplace. See it in-world.