New REVOSA Hair Bow (with texture HUD)

Now available at [REVOSA], a 100% original mesh bow (with copy/modify permissions) for your hair, or anywhere else you want to put it (requires attaching it elsewhere besides the skull part of your body). Includes a texture HUD for the colors red, purple, blue and black. Marketplace webpage In-world link Advertisements

REVOSA [Sharply] Pentagram Nose Piercing

Available now at REVOSA, 100% original unrigged mesh pentagram nose piercing. Includes copy and modify permissions and a color picker HUD for the pentagram itself. See it on the marketplace Visit the store

REVOSA [Sharply] Unholy Coffin Piercings

Available now at REVOSA, the unholy coffin nipple piercings! 100% original unrigged mesh with an included color change HUD for the center connector. See it on the marketplace Visit the store

REVOSA rPhone s16

This 100% original mesh smartphone is available now. Comes with 5 background wallpapers you can change through a dialogue menu, a typing override, wireless earbuds and a charging dock. Shop on the marketplace. Visit the store in-world.