New Re-Release REVOSA Cotton G-String (Pentagram)

Updated and re-released, the pentagram cotton g-string comes with a system layer for regular bodies and a HUD that includes a Maitreya applier and an Omega applier for your convenience. Marketplace webpage In-world store link Advertisements

New Re-Release [REVOSA] Skeleton Hands Bra

This is a brand new update of my previous Halloween release, the Skeleton Hands Bra applier! Now, along with a Maitreya applier, there is also the option for Omega, which allows for many different mesh bodies. Marketplace webpage In-world link

Newly re-released [REVOSA] Occult Lingerie

Today we have a set of five different colored pieces of lingerie in the theme of occult, updated and re-released from the original “masquerade” set. Included are system layers (with a required upper-layer) and an Omega HUD. Marketplace webpage In-world store link

[REVOSA] Neko Kneehighs v2

Newly updated and re-released at [REVOSA], the Neko Kneehigh leggings, now with an Omega HUD and standard system layer. See them on the marketplace Stop by the store

[REVOSA] Sheer Bra & Panties (Available Now)

Comes in five colors, one of which is a variation of red with blood spatter. Included are 6 SL layers and an Omega applier HUD. See it on the marketplace Stop by the store in-world

REVOSA Lula’s White Nylons [Omega Appliers]

New at REVOSA today, Lula’s white nylons, which come in solid and sheer and regular SL layer clothing or an Omega Applier HUD for mesh bodies. Shop on the marketplace Stop by the store